• Wednesday, May 18, 2022
  • Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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    Archfndr Blog

    An Introduction

    From us to you, to us.

    Welcome to the initial incarnation of archfndr.com.

    We are currently in a very early alpha state and are in the process of working out many kinks, and issues but, we hope the content can make up for it. While we are continuing to “finish” the initial version of the site, we thought it would be good to have the site up and the content accessible.

    We have quite a lot of work to do. We look forward to developing more ways for users to engage the site and the thoughts, ideas, projects, contained within the media being presented.

    Our motivation for creating the site developed out of a love for, and an education in, the field of Architecture. Architecture lectures, discourse, deliberation, debate, thought, philosophy, are concerns that many people outside of the field have little knowledge or awareness of. It is our hope that we can help facilitate both a greater interest in, and awareness of, the field to those on the outside, as well as, a deeper level of intimacy between the interrelationship of ideas, topics, projects, and thinkers within the field. By bringing awareness to those on the outside and solidifying and strengthening the meaning to those on the inside, we look to bring a heightened awareness between the two, autodidact and erudite, with Architecture at the fulcrum.

    jason cross